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Adaptation des centres Regus au COVID-19

Included with a business package plan.

Establish a base in prime locations or expand into new markets without the cost of setting up a permanent office. With a business address, you can direct mail and calls to any location across the entire Regus network.

Why choose Regus business address?

Prime locations

Access to addresses in well known, prestigious locations.

Développez rapidement votre activité

Set up in a new market without needing a permanent office.

Why choose Regus business address?

What does a business address include?

Permanence téléphonique

Direct calls to your address where they will be answered using your company name.

Réception de vos plis et colis, en votre nom, à l'adresse choisie

A dedicated address for your mail; either collect it in person or have it forwarded to you.

Access to office space

Work from the office of your choice for 1, 5 or unlimited days a month.

Who would benefit from a business address?


Separate your home and work lives with a virtual address.

Développement des entreprises

A cost-effective and quick way to expand into new markets worldwide.

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